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Swisscom E-Commerce Website Development

Project type

E-Commerce Website Development


2017 - 2022



In my tenure with Swisscom, a leading telecommunications company in Switzerland, I had the opportunity to participate in the development of a comprehensive e-commerce platform focused on customer acquisition for internet and TV subscriptions.

As a core member of the development team, I utilized my skills in Angular to create interactive and user-friendly front-end components. The primary goal was to streamline the online purchasing process, ensuring a seamless journey for customers from initial discovery to the final subscription stage. The project involved implementing dynamic web pages, real-time validation, and responsive designs to optimize the user experience on various devices and platforms.

In addition to front-end development, I leveraged Java Spring for certain back-end tasks, which allowed me to contribute to the robustness and efficiency of the server-side logic. My involvement in this process helped me develop a deeper understanding of end-to-end web development, strengthening the bridge between front-end and back-end tasks.

The final product was a customer-oriented e-commerce website that not only facilitated the buying process for internet and TV subscriptions, but also improved overall customer satisfaction rates and increased subscription sales. This experience reinforced my skills in modern web development technologies, and my ability to deliver high-quality solutions in a fast-paced, high-stakes corporate environment.

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