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Sodex Innovations

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3D App



In my work for Sodex, a company at the forefront of construction technology, I was deeply involved in a groundbreaking project that revolutionized how construction sites are visualized and measured. Utilizing our proprietary technology, we affixed sensors to excavators to record real-time 3D data from construction sites, paving the way for improved accuracy and efficiency.

I was responsible for designing and implementing 3D visualizations that represented the recorded data. This involved intricate coding and meticulous testing to ensure that our representations were accurate and easily understandable. The visualizations allowed construction professionals to view and navigate the job site in three dimensions, facilitating better decision-making and planning.

Alongside the 3D visualization, I also developed a suite of measurement tools integrated into the 3D interface. These tools allow users to accurately measure distances, areas, and volumes within the virtual construction site, empowering them with precise data to optimize resource allocation, reduce waste, and improve operational efficiency.

The user interface, another critical aspect of my role, was designed with an emphasis on simplicity and usability. Care was taken to ensure that even the most complex data could be understood at a glance, and that all the tools were intuitive and accessible.

This project stands as a testament to my capabilities in 3D visualization, user interface design, and development of specialized measurement tools. Through this work at Sodex, we have made significant strides in bringing digital transformation to the construction industry, improving efficiency and accuracy in an industry where precision is paramount.

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