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Rise in Time

Rise in Time is a multiplayer browser game deeply rooted in the fantasy and strategy genres, crafted with a special emphasis on teamwork, fair competition, and strategic prowess. In my role as a developer and game designer, I leveraged innovative technologies and design principles to deliver an immersive gaming experience that fosters community engagement and strategic thinking.

In the game, players start with humble beginnings on a small, isolated island with just an airship and a few soldiers. The journey then unfolds towards the heart of the game world, with players tasked with exploration, expansion, and exploitation of resources.

The game features a dynamic world that is rich in detail and mystery. As players traverse across the vast landscape, they discover new islands inhabited by mighty creatures ready to be recruited into their growing army. Treasures waiting to be unearthed and potent artifacts hidden across the game world add layers of intrigue and purpose to the exploration process.

Rise in Time stands as a testament to my capabilities in developing intricate game environments and complex mechanics. It reflects my commitment to creating a fair and balanced competitive landscape, along with a compelling narrative and an engaging multiplayer experience. This project has been an opportunity to push the boundaries of browser-based gaming, delivering a product that fosters strategic skill and promotes teamwork within its rich, fantasy setting.

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