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Immersive 3D Portfolio

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Immersive 3D Portfolio



The Immersive 3D Portfolio is a distinctive expression of my design and development capabilities, skillfully combining the realms of web development and 3D. This project encapsulates a unique, interactive digital space that stands as a testament to my proficiency in cutting-edge technologies and innovative design concepts.

By converting conventional portfolio presentation techniques into a captivating 3D environment, this project innovatively exhibits my achievements and past work. The core visual element of the portfolio is its collection of floating cubes. Each cube, rotating gently in the immersive 3D space, represents a distinct project or achievement. Users can interact with these cubes by clicking or tapping on them, prompting the cube to enlarge and reveal comprehensive details of the related project.

Built from the ground up using WebGL and Three.js, this portfolio website stands as a testament to my adeptness in web development, user experience design, and 3D modelling. The integration of these disciplines in the project reflects my capacity to work across different technological spheres, ensuring functional beauty and technical robustness.

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